still sitting here with you


wanderlust, we grab the keys

our thousandth date-just you and me

there’s nowhere else I’d rather be

than journeying

with you


silence says a thousand words

our love is loud, it’s sound is heard

there’s nowhere else I’d rather be

than sitting here with you


we banter on with simple chatter

we talk of life and all that matters

there’s nowhere else we’d rather be

than sitting here with You


Our 21st date-a-versary was last week… it’s hard to believe that we have been together that long.  Merely kids ourselves, I remember those early days and the fun we had driving around and talking like it was yesterday.

We tried to go out and celebrate our special day last week, but life got in the way and it didn’t happen. Between girls with homework to be done, church, a very sick dog (who is 100% better now!), and the normal day-to-day things that need to get done, a date never happened.


On a whim, my hubby asked me if we wanted to go watch the sunset last night.  It didn’t take much convincing from me- that’s my favorite thing to do!  No fancy clothes, no money needed, no detailed plans… just us and a car and a show-stopping sunset by our Wonderful Maker.

So we drove around and took in the perfect evening- the rolling hills, the silver lined clouds, and the stellar sunset.  We found a place to stop and take in the view.  All those years we’ve been together flashed before me.  It’s not about the things we’ve done, the plans we’ve made,  or the places we’ve gone- but about being together.

21 years of “dating”… and we’re still planning and dreaming together!

And to all these things, you must add love. Love holds everything and everybody together and makes all these good things perfect.  Colossians 3:14

11 thoughts on “still sitting here with you

  1. Julie I am so happy for the love you and your husband share with one another.I pray you have many more sunsets together and that you are always walking together close to Jesus. Bless your family and May God stitch you closer now. I felt the love you have for each other through these words.

    Joy to you Julie

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    • Thank you, Tom, for your encouraging words 🙂 My parents divorced when I was a teen and it was a difficult time. My husband and I have been together since I was 17- and it is definitely something worth celebrating 🙂 I praise God every day for His abundant blessings! Thank you for your beautiful words 🙂 God bless you!

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