No more regrets


it’s the quality

not the quantity of time

that yields no regrets

I can’t get the word “temporary” off my mind today.  It is hard to wrap my mind around the fact that every detail of this day (and every day) is temporary- the snow…the beautiful way it shines like diamonds in the sun…the girl’s excitement over getting to stay home another day-  tomorrow it will all be gone. Our circumstances, those “hiccups” in our daily plans?  All temporary.


Even my “little girls” are temporary- and who am I kidding? They aren’t so little anymore. My oldest is so big, she’s wearing my coat!  How in the world did she grow up so fast?!  

These snow days have left me feeling a little melancholy.  Sometimes I feel like I missed out on so much when they were little. I was blessed to have taught piano and voice lessons in my home when they were young, but I wish I could go back and do it all over…  


and clean a little less…play a little more…prioritize my time better

pray more and worry less…and not feel so guilty about everything little thing I did or didn’t do…


I regret not savoring those special snow days when the girls were little. I used to feel so guilty for having to cancel my music lessons and for not working, that I didn’t allow myself to enjoy those days.

I had a lot of quantity time with the girls- but not much of it was quality time. I rushed them around with me every morning- teaching aerobics, doing errands, make lunch, and pray they napped so I could clean my “office” – which was my entire house.  Every day.

Those “little girl” days were temporary.

Thankfully, those days of rushing here and there are far enough behind me that the girls don’t even remember them- but there are days like today that I do.  I am thankful for His grace, and thankful that He knows how to remind me to slow down and appreciate more of these “moments” now.  Because every one of them are temporary, and we never get them back.

So, now I ask myself this often-

When tomorrow comes, what would I regret not doing today? 

and then I do it.

No more guilt- no more regrets.

Teach us to number our days,

    that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  Psalm 90:12


15 thoughts on “No more regrets

  1. Oh, Your daughter is so so super-cute! 🙂 Like a little angel 🙂 I love the snow-photo too, the close-up ones 🙂 You know, my mum was working from I was 3, so I spent most of my time with nannies, but I have kind of filtered out the not-so -nice memories, and now I am left with only remembering the lovely moments with my mum. And those moments have grown bigger the older I get so that now when I am an adult they are defining my childhood with my mum 🙂 ❤

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  2. Ah! Julie…great photos…SUPER post!! Oh how I wish I could get some of those days back too! I’m so happy for you, that you have learned this very important lesson while your girls are still relatively young! I think it is awesome that you have this insight and therefore you don’t “waste” time that you can not get back! Much love to you…and thank you for this wonderful reminder to stay present ❤

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  3. Don’t ever regret the moments you have had with your kids, even when you think it’s not quality time. Each smidgen of time you give them is a treasure in their minds. They won’t forget.

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    • Kathy- do you know I wrote this before I read your post on lent yesterday? The Lord has used your words to really make me think…I have felt guilty for so long about enjoying any of the good thing because I don’t feel like I don’t deserve them. The problem with this is that I can never earn that right- I need to accept His grace and lay the guilt at His feet. Thank you so much for your post yesterday. Bless you, and thanks for being my “blogger” friend 🙂

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      • I spent many of my younger years with guilt hanging over my head. I took so long to let go. I still feel I’m not worthy of God’s love, which I’ve come to realize is OK, because I still have the need for a Savior. If we can simply give it all to him , he will carry it for us. So easy – so beautiful – perfect love. I’m glad this touched you and I thank God for your friendship too!

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