The Perfect Pair


Socks, socks, everywhere

and not a match is found

whatever shall I do with them?

I’ll pile them in a mound

to think the dryer ate their mate

is more than I could bear

but even more, I ponder- 

what shall my tootsies wear?

Oh, what to do with mismatched socks?!  I have a laundry bag that I have labeled “The Sock Bag”.  When we do laundry, the unmatched socks go here to live with the other misfits.  Once every so often, I get the girls to dump out the bag and make matches- 10 cents a pair is what I pay for these perfectly paired socks.  In the mornings before school, if the girls can’t find socks to wear, I tell them to go to the sock bag and pick out a pair of mismatched socks.  It’s ok to be different.  Besides, when they wear boots, no one even sees their socks!

This morning, my husband happened to see this sock bag and looked inside.  “Why are my socks in here?!”  I told him it was because one of them did not have a match.  “But I found it in the bag with the other socks!”

I smile inside and say “So, the sock bag is working perfectly!”

He earned his 10 cents fair and square.  And the chore of matching socks is carried by all!

for each one should carry their own load- Galatians 6:5


2 thoughts on “The Perfect Pair

    • Thanks, Elaine 🙂 It is kind of funny though how often we talk about the sock bag. Just this morning, the girls couldn’t find it… they came to ask me where it was this morning, lol! I told them we can lose a sock, but never an entire sock bag!!


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