Taste and see…

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I witnessed the sweetest showing of love the other night.

There is something so primal about food.  We need it.  We want it.  And we want our “fair” share of it.

In our home, all these feelings are ramped up when it comes to dessert.

My girls always want things to be fair and equal- especially when it comes to food.  I don’t blame them- I remember feeling that same way as a kid.  When we divide a large slice of pizza, there is an all out war on which side is the bigger one, and which daughter will get it.


Taste and see that the Lord is good- Psalm 34:8

I can’t tell you the number of times I have gone to get my “fair share” of ice cream, only to find that someone had already finished off the carton.  Worst. Night. Ever.

The other night, my youngest ran to the fridge and grabbed an ice cream sandwich, which quickly reminded my older one that she, too, must have her equal portion of goodness.

I watched her open the freezer door, and then she came and knelt down beside me in the living room.

“Mom, can I make popcorn instead?”

“Aren’t there any ice cream sandwiches left, honey?” I asked her.

“Yes…but only one.  I want to save it for Daddy.  I don’t want him to be sad.”

It really was such a small gesture- that meant something so big.  Isn’t that what love is all about?  Her desire was not to please herself, but to make her Daddy happy.  And the thought of making her Daddy happy meant so much more to her than the momentary pleasure of indulging in dessert.

And she did it without a second thought.

When my husband came home, I shared with him how she saved the ice cream sandwich for him. I watched as he took it out of the freezer and broke it in half to share with her.

I didn’t get an ice cream sandwich that night- but watching those little moments of love were sweet to my soul! The Lord’s goodness far outweighs the sweetness any dessert could ever give me!

My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.  Psalm 73:26

21 thoughts on “Taste and see…

    • Thank you, Trini! I am amazed at the simple, profound things He teaches me through watching my girls grow. I thank Him every day for my husband and our children 🙂 Blessings to you and hope you have a fantastic day!!!


    • Thanks, Paul. I confess that sometimes I feel like I have nothing significant to say when I write. And still, He tells me to keep on doing it. The more I love Him, the more love I am able to see – even in the little things 🙂 Thank you for reaffirming that “love” comes through in my writing 🙂


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