I didn’t know what I was missing



I didn’t know what I was missing… 

all those years that I spent 

looking at the ground

like there was no one else around-

everything came to life when I found You


I didn’t know what I was missing…

the times I failed to see

the beauty of this place

God’s majesty and grace

I began to see in Living colour

when I saw You  


I didn’t know what I was missing…

all the time I longed for

someone’s company

there You were- walking right along with me

a better friend I’d never known 

till I met You


I didn’t know what I was missing…

until the day You

reached down from above

and overwhelmed my heart with Love

I found contentment, I found joy

when I found You

Friends come and friends go,
    but a true friend sticks by you like family.  Proverbs 18:24


I began jogging for exercise when I was about 15 years old out of desperation to lose weight.  I squeezed into a pair of cut-off jean shorts, in hopes that one day they would become too loose to wear- as I jogged around the block.  I stared down at the ground, afraid of making eye contact with anyone.  I didn’t want anyone to see me, so I counted the cracks in the pavement…huffing and puffing and praying for it to be over with quickly.

I was so focused on myself, on my short-comings, on my own hang-ups- that I was oblivious to the entire world around me!

I didn’t know what I had been missing out on all that time.

But somewhere along the way, He got my attention.

When I finally changed my focus and made walking about spending time with Him– the whole world around me began to look different.

I started hearing birds singing

I saw other people walking- smiling and ready to give a cheerful hello! 

 Sunsets and sunrises became vibrant. 

I finally realized that I was not alone- He was walking with me!   

The people who walk in darkness will see a great light; Those who live in a dark land, The light will shine on them.  

Isaiah 9:2


16 thoughts on “I didn’t know what I was missing

  1. You reminded me of one time when I was younger. I had broken my glasses. And walking around town, I too, kept me eyes firmly downwards. What if someone I knew smiled in passing and I ignored them – what would they think? Looking up, at that point, would not have gained me very much other than a lot of blurry outlines. But that wasn’t the reason for looking down.

    I needed my glasses – my (assisted) 20-20 vision – my self-image – back again!

    I haven’t thought of that in years! Thank you ((hugs))

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    • Thanks for sharing your memories…I can picture you now- walking around with your head hanging low…it is good to remember those poignant moments that have made us who we are today! I wore those jean shorts that I jogged in for years! (((Hugs))) to you 😊

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  3. Aww, I remember those jean shorts! You have done so well through the years staying healthy. It’s so true that when we focus on our insecurities, we are missing out on all the other things and people that we would notice. I love you!


  4. Your wonderful post makes me reflect on myself when I’m out riding my bicycle. Nowhere have I ever read that “He” rode a bike.. yet He IS with me throughout my ride. (as He is always) Blessings. 🙂

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  5. Love the Isaiah 9:2 words, as well as yours 🙂 I’m convinced now (at 63) that it takes a revelation from God before people really “get” Who He IS, ALL that He Is. I got saved at 13 or 14, but was not raised in a Godly family, so did not grow in faith. At different points, I met Christians, went to churches, tried to “have faith”–but just couldn’t make it work, much as I wanted it to. Finally, in 2011, I had an experience much like Paul on the road to Taursus–and everything changed completely. Since then, I of course realize that God was always with me–even when I couldn’t see or feel Him. He has reassured me that He chose me for His own, that He fully understands my circumstances prevented my growth early on–that it was not all because of rebellion on my part (though there was definitely some of that, I confess). We do have a very real enemy who will work overtime to keep us from the blessings of an intimate relationship with the Lord. The good thing is, once you KNOW TRUTH, you can’t Un-Know it. So although the devil continues to try to knock me down, I know WHO I Belong to now. God’s LOVE and Grace are incredible–my daily prayers are full of Gratitude, and I go to bed each night with “I love You” on my lips, knowing His great love for me. And I have no real regret for all the years of “wandering”–God showed me that it’s never too late to start living the Abundant Life in/with Him. Sorry to take up so much space here on your blog–I get carried away! Blessings to you today!

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    • Amen to all of this!! And never apologize for taking up space- your testimony is amazing! Praise the Lord 😊 I didn’t grow up going to church regularly and didn’t start reading my Bible until about 8-9 years ago. You are so right- once we know the truth, we can’t un-know it!! We can either reject it, or allow it to transform us! His grace abounds and He is always at work in us! Thank you so much for sharing this! It was a blessing to read today 😊 God bless you, and I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!


      • Whew! Thanks for your gracious and joyful reply, Julie–it’s so fun to share testimonies! Do you have a fave Bible version? I have quite a collection–just got The Message for Christmas, which is really cool. I love my weekends–I’m fairly home-bound, so I’m super grateful to be able to “attend” church online. God has blessed me with a handful of fabulous preacher/teachers–my regular schedule is the Sat services at Gateway Church in Southlake, TX (Pastor Robt Morris–author of “The Blessed Life”). I’ve learned so much from Pastor Robert (he has the BEST teaching on Tithing!)–and also from Joseph Prince (the “Unmerited Grace” teacher) in Singapore. And recently I’ve been enjoying Pastor John Gray–at Joel Osteen’s church in Houston, TX (his program airs on Wed nights). I’ve grown more in 5 yrs, than in my whole “saved” life–I tell people God is “fast-tracking” me, to make up time! You have a blessed weekend too 🙂


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