Moments in between




the setting sun from Carter’s Mountain

There’s beauty in the going up

And in the coming down

There’s beauty in the looking up

and in the looking  ’round


There’s beauty in the

stepping back

and taking in the scene


There’s beauty in the 


in the moments 

in between


On a whim, I decided to take a trip up to the apple orchard with the girls.  It was getting late, but we had just enough time to make it up the mountain to get a few apples and to see the view. I love the drive up the mountain because it reminds me of my childhood.  Growing up, we took several trips to the mountains to look at the fall foliage, and a visit to the apple orchard was always on the list.  My family would drive all that way, years ago, to drive up this same mountain…and now I am blessed to live down the street from it!

I can still remember my mom, my sister, and I letting out oohs and ahhhs as we climbed higher and higher… I can see the cheshire grin on my grandfather’s face as he drove up the windy path…and my dad’s belly laugh as we all pretended to be frightened at falling off the mountain.

How things have changed…my grandfather passed away last year, and my parents divorced long ago… but as I climb the mountain, I smile at my girls taking turns oohing and ahhing- just like my sister and I used to do.  And on the way back down the mountain, they grab my phone to take pictures-


The view up top is spectacular, but the girls’ photos reminded me that there is just as much beauty to be found on the way down- and in making new memories.  They kept telling me to look– but I couldn’t because I was driving.  So they snapped pictures of the scenery while I drove down the mountain.


Sometimes I have to focus so hard on “driving” that I miss the details.  How badly I want God to be my chauffeur so I can take in the scenery!   He is always at work- in all those in-between moments and even those times we have to keep our eyes on the road.

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.  Ecclesiastes:3-11

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