Steadfast I Walk

every day’s 

another battle 

trying my best 

staying in that saddle 

everywhere I look I see

another roadblock staring at me 

but steadfast I walk with You

I will not be moved 

even though I might be shaken 

I will trust in you 

I’ll never be forsaken 

even when I cannot see 

keep me on the path 

in front of me 

steadfast I walk with You 

even when it seems 

like nothings changing 

help me stay the course 

never wavering 

doesn’t matter how fast the pace 

slow and steady wins the race 

steadfast I walk with You  

I wrote the song Steadfast recently as I prayed for the Lord to help me keep my eyes on Him.  It’s not always easy to stay on the right path because there is temptation all around us.  As most of you know that are reading this- one of my biggest temptations is food.

I have always wanted a healthy relationship with food.  I wish I didn’t have to think about it, but unfortunately we HAVE to eat every day, so there’s no avoiding that one!  And even though I make good choices, for years I have seen no physical changes- despite calorie counting and exercising.  I loathe counting calories, and I have done it for years.  Even the days when I didn’t actually record my calories, I would still keep a running tally in my head.

But today I am praising the Lord and giving Him VICTORY for FREEDOM from this struggle.  It has been since New Year’s Eve- almost 2 months now that I have finally found something that is working for me!  It’s called Trim Healthy Mama and heres’s a link to their website-  It’s not a “diet”- it’s a different way of eating for life.  And PRAISE THE LORD- I have found food freedom! No more counting, no more thinking of food as a reward or punishment…just sticking to the plan and focusing on Him!

So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free.  John 8:36


4 thoughts on “Steadfast I Walk

  1. Elouise I ordered the book for Carolyn and me. We are excited and will be lifting you up as you journey on a goal to a healthier and happier you. Thanks for sharing the link. I was just reading some information on another blog I follow called soul con . So this just fit right in.

    Yes we encouraged by the Holy Spirit to continue to remain steadfast and dedicated for our own good and glory to God. Your post was very encouraging .

    Much love Tom

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    • That’s great, Tom! I’m so excited you ordered this book! It really was a life changer for me. It’s not really a “diet”- just a different way of pairing foods together… and no sugar! That was the hardest for me. I LOVE flavored coffee creamer, but I have managed to kick the habit and it’s been over 2 months now! A good friend of mine told me about this book and I read it a year ago. It took me 10 months to finally commit to following it. And I have had great success so far… and freedom 🙂 Praise the Lord!! Thanks for taking the time to comment and I hope you and your wife are doing well! Blessings to you, my friend 🙂

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