when things get in the way



We were searching for the perfect view of the sunset the other evening.  In two weeks we will be at the beach where we’ll have a perfect view for 7 straight days!  But why wait?

So we went to the lake, hoping to see the sunset.  And wouldn’t you know it- those darned trees were in the way.  Just like they always are.  Every. Single. Time.


And then as I tried to snap pictures, my handsome hubby tried to dodge them.  I still managed to get him in this one…

IMG_1817.jpgWe watched the young lady on the pier walk away, and we thought we had the beach all to ourselves.  Just as we started talking and reminiscing, an elderly gentleman walked up to us.

“And you thought you were going to be here all by yourselves,” he said with a twinkle in his eyes as he approached us. He told us he was 85 and he had been married for 50 years. He shared all sorts of random memories with us, including stories from the glory days of baseball- which happens to be a passion of my hubby’s.

As they talked together, I thought about all the times our “dates” have gotten interrupted, or when the trees have gotten in the way, or when our plans have changed.  Most times it would leave me being frustrated- because my focus was always on ME- wanting to make MYSELF happy.

But watching the joy on this elderly man’s face as he shared his memories with us made the evening even more lovely. And seeing my husband share this sweet moment with a total stranger made me love him even more. Life is so much more full when we make it about bringing joy to other people, when our days not about our own agenda- but when we focus our attention on others.

All that stuff that gets in the way?  I’m convinced those things are really blessings in disguise- if only we know what to look for!


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