O Light of light, shine in!


O Light of light, shine in!
Cast out this night of sin,
Create true day within:
O Light of light, shine in!IMG_1321

O Light, all light excelling,
Make my heart Thy dwelling;
O Joy, all grief dispelling,
To my poor heart come in!IMG_1287

O Joy of joys, come in!
End Thou this grief of sin,
Create calm peace within:
O Joy of joys, come in!


O Life of life, pour in!
Expel this death of sin,
Awake true life within:
O Life of life, pour in!IMG_1292

O Love of love, flow in!
This hateful root of sin
Deal with, renew, within:
O Love of love, flow in!


O Heaven of heavens, descend!
This cloudy curtain rend,
And all earth’s turmoil end:
O Heaven of heavens, descend!IMG_1299

My God and Lord, O come!
  Of joys the Joy and Sum,
Make in this heart Thy home:
  My God and Lord, O come!  

*Lyrics by Horatius Bonar(1808-1889)

The weather this week has been amazing!  Spring is FINALLY sprung and so have the vibrant colors of the season.  The other day I walked my favorite trail with a couple of friends.

The sun was so bright, I borrowed a friend’s hat to protect my eyes.  Even with the hat, I found myself looking down at the ground to keep from squinting.  I began to get a headache and felt sick to my stomach as I watched the wooden slats beneath my feet moving back and forth.


I can’t remember ever experiencing “motion sickness” from walking!  But the odd thing was that the moment I mentioned it, my friend said she, too, felt that same way.

IMG_1287“We must stop looking down and keep looking forward, ” spoke my wise friend! 

A simple statement, but a profound reminder to keep my eyes fixed on the path ahead, and not the ground.

And maybe a pair of sunglasses wouldn’t hurt next time 🙂

Let your eyes look straight ahead;
    fix your gaze directly before you.
 Give careful thought to the paths for your feet
    and be steadfast in all your ways. Proverbs 4:25-26


9 thoughts on “O Light of light, shine in!

    • Thanks, Tom 😊 It was really weird to feel sick like that from walking! There’s a first for everything, I guess, lol! It was a gorgeous day and I was thankful to spend it enjoying nature with my friends!! I hope you had a blessed Easter!

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  2. So good! “.. keep my eyes fixed on the path ahead, and not the ground.” This tells me to not allow myself to think what where I am is where I’ll always be, good or bad, comfortable or tumultuous. He always has the next thing, and with Him, it will always turn out well.

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    • Thanks, Dawn! It is so easy for us to get consumed by our own thoughts and circumstances- which distracts us from Him! He is always painting a bigger picture (one that we can’t always see). I hope you had a wonderful Easter!!

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    • Yes it does! Beautiful spring days are always something to praise Him for 😊 I had not heard the words of that hymn before I posted them here – but they really spoke to me. Thanks for your encouraging words 😊 Blessings to you!!


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