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hurry up and wait

on March 10, 2016


I am not a patient person.

In fact, I am so NOT patient that I won’t order stuff online because I want it NOW!  But God has been speaking to me about being more patient and waiting on Him.

We bought our house almost 12 years ago, and along with our new home- we also had brand new appliances.  These appliances have held up pretty well- except for the fridge.  It still looks good from the outside, but inside it is totally falling apart.  The shelves in the door have broken off- leaving almost no storage in the door, the ice maker has been broken for years, and the water dispenser no longer works either.  And honestly, it doesn’t make sense to fix these things because it just isn’t cost efficient.

Knowing we need a new fridge, I have looked around for the past few years, and I knew what I wanted next- a french door fridge with the pull out freezer on the bottom.  I love the look of it-  and being tall, I argued that I will do a lot less bending down since the fridge part is on the top!

But it’s  $1000 more than the standard kind that we have.  It doesn’t make sense to spend so much more on that one! My practical husband said this to me many times.

So for over a year, we have exchanged emails of pictures of refrigerators- all ending with the same answer from both of us.

The one I want is way too expensive… and I don’t want to settle for something that I don’t really like.

And as we had lunch on our anniversary, I told my husband that I would wait until our fridge completely died before I got a new one.  Just what if the Lord blessed us with some floor model that has been ridiculously marked down?  I was willing to wait and hold out for the one I wanted.  

Well guess what happened…

He sent me a text that very same evening.  Check your email.  

A stainless steel, french door fridge with a freezer drawer on the bottom… for nearly the SAME price as the standard ones he has shown me over the last year.


I’m so excited!  And I just can’t hide it! 

Once I had made the resolve to WAIT- no matter how long it took– He blessed us with just the right one.

Whatever you are waiting for… whether it’s for someTHING or for a situation to be resolved, or whatever it may be– hold tight to Him and keep waiting…

 I believe that I shall look upon the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living! Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!  

Psalm 27:13-14




16 responses to “hurry up and wait


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  2. lydiamhill says:

    I love it when God does things like that. 🙂 Thank you for sharing

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  3. paulfg says:

    BRILLIANT!! Totally lovely – and thank you so much for sharing this ((hugs))

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  4. Melanie says:

    It’s just like God!! He cares about every detail of our life. Enjoyed this post. God bless!!


  5. lorriebowden says:

    So happy for you Julie…she’s a beauty! I am very short…and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the freezer on the bottom! It just makes so much more sense…I am certain you will love it!! ♡

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    • Julie Harris says:

      Thanks so much, Lorrie! Yes- it does make more sense 🙂 I am glad you also see the benefit of the freezer on the bottom 🙂 I am anxiously waiting for it to be delivered on Monday 😄 Hope you have an awesome weekend!!

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  6. Jeanette Rayfield Evancho says:

    Awesome! I love your stories about the things that fall into place when you have faith.


  7. Jeanette Rayfield Evancho says:

    Awesome! I like be your stories about things that fall into place when you have faith.

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  8. Jeanette Rayfield Evancho says:

    That should say *love your stories lol.

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