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I had my boundaries stretched this past week.  I love how God turns my thoughts upside down and takes me out of my comfort zone.  We all have ideas in our head about what it looks like when people are worshipping– whether we are engaged in the singing or intently focused on the pastor preaching the message during a Sunday morning service.

“Mom, do you think I could bring coloring pencils and color while the pastor is preaching?” my older daughter asked me this past week.  She explained that it is hard for her to focus, but that during her classes at school, she “doodles” and that it helps her listen better.

I admit- I didn’t know what to say at first, because she’s not so little anymore. I am ashamed to say that part of me worried about what other people might think if I allow my (almost) 13 year old to color during the service.  But, I love to doodle- and I can definitely say that it helps me to focus, too. So I told her she could- as long as she was discreet and as long as she sat beside me and LISTENED to the message.

After I finished the last song during the music part of the service, I sat down beside her.  She quietly took out her pencils and began to fill in the little patterns. I was mesmerized watching her, and part of my own creative brain longed to color with her! As the pastor led us to a time of prayer, I went back to the piano and played.  When we were finished, my daughter had already put away her things and was all smiles.


My daughter’s colorful creation

I began to think- coloring with your hands isn’t all that different from me playing the piano.  During almost every prayer I am “doodling” on the piano keys (which I like to call “noodling” around).  And for me- that is absolutely worship!  I am praying silently as I am playing- and I always feel more connected to Him through the movement of my hands across the keys.

Afterwards, I quizzed her in the car.

“So, what was the message about?”

She remembered everything- even the three main points of the sermon.  Seeds had been planted- and for me, that’s the most important thing of all.

So, can art be a part of worship?  Absolutely. I think anything we do can be an act of worship- even coloring – if our mind and heart are focused on the Lord.

I’m proud of her for not worrying about what other people would think. And I’m a bit disappointed in myself for caring too much.

So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God.

1  Corinthians 10:31


13 thoughts on “art and worship

  1. Beautifully put Julie. I have been in services where artists could freely paint or draw at their easel during the worship time. It was wonderful to watch. I love my God of Creation! He’s quite the artist.
    Great post. Thanks for sharing.

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    • Thanks you so much for sharing your thoughts :). I don’t get the opportunity to visit other churches too often, but I went to one about 2 years ago that did just what you described. It was a service about missions, and as the worship leaders led us in singing, there was a lady on the side of the stage painting a picture. It was a globe with the word “GO” in the middle…perfect word for missions! And there were others waving flags and banners. I felt the Lord’s presence in such a powerful way that day. It was a day I will never forget 🙂 Blessings to you!!

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  2. Quite the artist, and a good listener also. The Lord ask us to raise our children up in the way we would have them go. Not that you need anyone to say how you should raise your child. If I had to weigh in on your ability to raise her,I would have to say you are doing a great job. I like how you guided her through the steps. Shows a lot if love and care for her. Just my thoughts Julie. I so appreciate your heart and for sharing it.

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    • Thank you for always leaving such thoughtful comments- they always encourage me :). As a minister in the church, I hear lots of criticism about anything and everything. I just have to keep my eyes on Him and keep doing what He asks…All to Jesus, I surrender :).

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