One size fits all

Photo on 8-30-13 at 12.14 PMThere once was a mom from the ‘ville 

She was so cool, she was “chill” 

too fly to keep junk

in her mini-van’s trunk 

She finally took those bags to Goodwill!

I had a little “aha” moment today…  It’s not all that life changing- but it was for me!

I sat in my youngest daughter’s room and folded clothes with her.  Her room is an absolute pigsty.  Her biggest hurdle is that her bigger sister passes down all her clothes to her, so she has lots of things in her room that will eventually fit.. that almost fit… along with the many things that she is able to wear.  Then she is also given a few things by friends which she refuses to get rid of- because in her mind, those clothes are pieces of her friends… they remind her of them.  And so I told her this morning-

“We are getting rid of EVERYTHING that you do not wear TODAY.  EVERYTHING!!”

It was completely a God thing, because she shrugged her shoulders and just simply said “ok”. Let me just simply say- that NEVER happens…

I continued to tell her all this “stuff” in her room was getting in the way of all the things that she actually could wear RIGHT NOW…that look great TODAY.

And one by one, she folded and gave away many pieces that she loved, but that did not fit her.

Seeing how easy this (usually) daunting task was for us today inspired me to practice what I was preaching to my daughter.

I pulled out a dress I wore when I first found out I was pregnant with my first daughter – after I had lost 100 lbs and was in the best shape of my life. I loved that dress… but not as much as I love my daughter.  And why do I want to keep a reminder of the body that I will never have again?  I folded the dress and put it in the bag.

I pulled on a pair of pants that were a little snug.  I loved this pair of pants… the soft cotton felt like velvet on my skin…but once again, they were not flattering. I folded them and put them in a bag.

Do you watch survivor?  You know that final walk where the remaining contestants walk and remember all the other contestants that left before them?  That is sort of what I did today.  I took a walk down memory lane… and it’s not the actual pieces of clothing that I love… it’s the memories I made while I was in them.  And no one can take those away from me.

And I realized- again– that I need stop longing for how I used to look, for the size that I am not…and love me for me.

Today I’m thankful that love comes in “one size fits all”!!

Above all, clothe yourselves with love-  Colossians 3:14

13 thoughts on “One size fits all

  1. I like to think of all the folks that will get to wear nice clothes at a discounted if not free price. We give ours to a thrift store. Where Carolyn volunteers and buys a lot of our clothes, ha-ha.

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    • My girls and I love going to thrift stores! The only problem is that we already have way too much “stuff”… so we need to bring bags of stuff to donate when we go 🙂 I bet your wife and I would get along well 🙂 Hope your weekend was wonderful!!

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    • Thank you, Susan 🙂 I think it is so much harder to “let go” of those other things- annoyances, gripes….but purging “stuff” as well as those negative thoughts in our heart and mind are just as important! Hope you had a great weekend!! Blessings 🙂

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  2. Yes! I love this! I’m in a purging mindset lately. Our entire family is happier and more peaceful when we’re not overrun with stuff. And I needed this reminder this morning as we’re cleaning out our old house prepping to sell. Thank you!

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    • Less is definitely more!! The more “stuff” I have, the more “stuff” I have to put away, keep track of, wash in the laundry… it is a vicious cycle! Hope you are able to purge and get your house ready to sell quickly!! Blessings to you 🙂

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  3. I love the analogy Julie!! If more of us would walk in remembrance of this simple statement you made, there would be so much less division because all the “stuff that doesn’t fit” anymore would remain pleasant memories of where our Heavenly Father has taken us from to where we are in Him now and since we are all different but LOVED the same, oh what a world! The Kingdom of Heaven will be that way!! Glorious!! Thanks so much and I so look forward to coming by again and again. I follow a lot of blogs but am going to put you link on my Blogs Followed page. God bless you richly as you continue to share inspiration and joy with all!

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    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and your heart here 🙂 I still have the shirt I wore when I brought my first daughter home from the hospital (almost 13 years ago!)…I remember wearing that and really for the first time feeling unconditional love… the love I had for this sweet baby in my arms. I remember being awestruck, thinking about how He loves us even so much greater than I could possibly understand. Thank you for following my blog… I am looking forward to reading yours as well! Many blessings to you- and thank you again for your encouraging words 🙂

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