He met the need… and He met me, too


Pray without ceasing

 1 Thessalonians 5:17

For several months I was aware that the soundboard at our church was on it’s “last legs”.  We had a new church facility built a few years back and kept the old soundboard since it was still in good working condition. After a couple of years in our new building, we began to notice snaps, crackles, and pops coming through the sound system every time it was in use. I knew we didn’t have the money to purchase a new one, but we really needed it.

I prayed for God to somehow provide this need for our church, and after several months I got the ok to mention the need of a new soundboard to the congregation during a Sunday morning service.

The evening before I was going to talk about this to the congregation, I was home alone, praying.  My husband was working late, and both of my girls were at a friend’s home- a rare thing for a Saturday evening!  I remember sitting at my piano and praying out loud.  Now, that’s not something I do all the time- just when I really feel led to do it.  I began praying and talking to God and the strangest thing happened- I began to pray for one person… for one person to step out in faith and meet this need.  For just one person to give and to be obedient.  It sounded like the craziest thing, but that is the exact thing He led me to pray for that night.  In fact, I remember telling someone later that same evening that I prayed those words, and I was almost embarrassed about it.  What would I say if that “one person” didn’t come forward- or what if we didn’t have anyone willing to help?

I just kept pushing those doubtful thoughts out of my head, and I held on to faith. I got up early like always on that Sunday and prayed again.  During the service, I mentioned that we desperately needed a new soundboard for the church, and that it was going to cost a good deal of money.  I asked them to pray about this for us, and if anyone would like to donate towards this to see me after church.

I sat at the piano to play the closing song, and as I played the final note- I remember seeing one person- yes ONE PERSON standing at the base of the stage, motioning for me to come to them.  I bent down, and with tears in their eyes, this person told me to get what I needed- it would be paid in full.

I cried. I was in complete awe…

Not just because God met the need- but because He answered that prayer He had led me to pray the night before in the exact way I had prayed One person

That was a special day for me. God provided- but He also met me in a personal way- strengthening my walk with Him, and strengthening my faith in a mighty way!  And I believe He strengthened the faith of others as I told that “one person” prayer story to the congregation the following Sunday.  Praise the Lord for answered prayers- the big and the small ones, the simple ones and the absolutely impossible ones!  God gets all the glory for He is so good and so faithful!!

O God, we give glory to you all day long
    and constantly praise your name.  Psalm 44


15 thoughts on “He met the need… and He met me, too

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  2. Julie, thank you so much. What touched me the most was not the asking. But the hearing, the intimacy and trust – the courage and conviction. Allowing Him to allow you and this “one person” to form a trinity in Him. Stories I want to share – and yours is why ((hugs))

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    • And you know, that little prayer led to a tidal wave of other little things that happened…other needs being met, other people stepping up to do things… it’s so good for us to share our testimonies to build up and encourage one another! And not to boast about ourselves- but to brag on how awesome He is 🙂 🙂


      • I am beginning to think He can be so much more awesome when we allow Him to be through each of us. Just like your story, testimony, example, courage, trust – your relationship.



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