When one door closes…


I had the craziest thing happen today…

I drove my two daughters and my friend to the women’s 4 miler race this morning and I quickly parked the car.  Although it was early, we were eagerly anticipating the start of the race. As I got out of the car, I realized I didn’t have any pockets, so I carefully took the key off my key ring and I placed it safely inside my shirt.  Once everyone was out of the car and ready, I locked the doors and we got to where we needed to be.

The weather was perfect and spirits were high.  I ran over half of it, and beat my previous year’s time by more than 10 minutes!  Once we were all finished, we got some Gatorade, a  Panera bagel,  and headed back to the car.

When we reached my van,  I couldn’t believe it- my doors were unlocked!  Our purses were right in the front seats where everyone could see them, but thankfully everything was there.  I pulled out the key from my shirt, and my mouth dropped open- it wasn’t my car key- it was my house key!  How in the world had that happened?!  And not only did I have the wrong key- but somehow my van was unlocked after I had locked it.  I knew I had pressed the lock button in the van before I had closed the door before the race…

I don’t know how I had the wrong key AND left the door unlocked- but I am so, so thankful He made a way for us to get into the van AND that all of our stuff was safe and sound.  Just a little reminder that He really does work in mysterious ways!

God is good- all the time 🙂

I know all the things you do, and I have opened a door for you that no one can close.  Revelation 3:8


The beautiful sky this morning!

11 thoughts on “When one door closes…

    • God is good!! Thanks- I was really proud of my girls! This was their second year doing this race with me, and something I hope will become a family tradition 🙂 it is a race to raise money for cancer research. Thanks for the sweet comment about my girls 🙂 Blessings to you!!

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      • Your welcome Julie.Carolyn had asked that we take part in our local cancer race. She is cancer free from to different episodes. Praise God.

        Peace to you my friend


  1. When.. (as I often do) start finding the orange juice in the cubboard next to the dishes.. and your just poured coffee in the fridge where the juice belongs… you’ll know just where to look for the next missing item.. To Him for guidance..!!
    Although rarely (if ever) mentioned.. your very gracious support of my humble blog is so very much appreciated.. THANK YOU…!!!
    Blessings to you and your loved ones.
    (reading this post indeed makes me smile… at myself) 😊

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    • Awe, shucks! Thank YOU so much! I truly enjoy reading your lovely, pensive poetry 🙂 Your comment made me smile- I used to use a keurig coffee maker and a few times (ok- more than a few…) I put the coffee pod in and forgot to put a coffee cup under it! I’d forget where my head was if it wasn’t attached to me, lol!! Blessings to you as well, and thanks again for your kind words- they are much appreciated 🙂

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