I am Willing…


Lord, You’ve given me everything

I ought to raise my hands and shout

And I know I have nothing-

nothing to complain about 

Still I find myself unsatisfied

filled with jealousy and pride

I can’t escape the pain inside 

can’t count how many times I’ve cried

I wish that I was stronger 

that I could hold on longer

And if what it takes is pain

and I have to lose to gain- 

then make me willing 

willing to be made willing

I am willing

willing to be made willing

I don’t want to lose anything

I want to keep it for myself

but I’m looking for something

I can’t find upon a shelf

so when I feel alone and terrified

I don’t have to run away and hide

cause I know Your Son was crucified

and I can live because He died

Lord, You can make me stronger

and You help me hold on longer 

and if You bring me pain

I know it’s for Your gain

and I’ll be willing

willing to be made willing

I am willing 

willing to be made willing 

I recorded this song that my husband and I wrote last year and for some reason, the Lord has these words running through my mind and heart..make me willing… willing to do WHATEVER it is You want me to do. I dug out this recording to share with you today.  Whatever He is asking you to do- are you willing?  And if you’re not there yet– are you willing to be made willing?

3 thoughts on “I am Willing…

  1. Julie – there is a drawing together happening in this community right now. And that requires us – one at a time – and as He draws and guides – to be “willing” to be more than “when they do it I will see what I think”. Each of us “willing to be made willing”.

    I may be wrong, but you might just be hearing that Spirit moving right now. Thank you. For me this spoke directly. You have “heard” Him again so clearly! 🙂

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