Pi Day


How could I ever deny 

a day that’s devoted to pi?

I partake without care

blissfully unaware

that it finds a new home on my thigh! 

My oldest daughter celebrated “pi” day at school yesterday. She asked me to come for a special activity her class was doing to celebrate- including eating pie, of course!  Anytime my 12 year old asks me to be a part of her day- I am there with bells on!  Due to the busy-ness of our week, I had not purchased any pies ahead of time. I decided to go to the store first thing in the morning, and much to my surprise- there were no pre-baked pies.  I guess people really do plan ahead, lol!  The entire bakery shelf was bare. I am thankful I minded His “nudge” to get out early to buy the frozen ones that I had to bake.  

On a side note- my daughter added before she left to get on the bus- 

“Momma- don’t forget to wear your “skinny jeans!”  

False advertising at it’s finest!

I smiled…just maybe one day those jeans will do what they say! 

6 thoughts on “Pi Day

    • Oh my!! You have NEVER had pie!? Well, it is absolutely wonderful and the types of pie are endless!! My youngest daughter actually does not eat pie. She is allergic to tree nuts, and many pies contain nuts or have traces of them in the crust- so she stays away from them! Can you believe I actually did not eat any pie at my daughters school yesterday?? But I do love pie….and all other desserts 🙂


      • 🙂 No, I have never had pie. I love cake, but pie is not really a Norwegian thing, so perhaps that is why 🙂 But I do love apple cake with vanilla ice cream, so I probably would like apple pie a lot! 🙂


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