Sometimes you feel like a nut


Falling, falling everywhere

acorns take us by surprise

Surely they will hit our heads

When we’re not looking with our eyes.  

‘Tis the season to keep watch

Falling nuts are everywhere

So kindly proceed with caution…

Walkers, joggers- beware!

We have noticed that acorns are falling out of the trees like crazy lately.  Many times, the girls and I have barely missed being clonked on the head by a falling acorn.  On this particular day, all three of us just missed being hit. It’s just nuts, I tell you! Literally.

My youngest has a nut allergy- tree nuts, to be exact. Can you imagine a Thanksgiving without pecan pie?  No nutella?  Never a brownie garnished with walnuts? Those are the biggies for her. She knows exactly what to steer clear of, and surprisingly, it does not make her sad in the slightest to avoid any of these goodies.

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we were able to look at sin like this?  To effortlessly avoid the things we knew were not good for us…and not see it as “depriving” us of something we want? If only we could see sin as something we are “allergic” to.  Instead, we want to drool over that pecan pie and get our forks as close as we can to it! Then we think oh, just one bite won’t hurt me…but it does! Even one tiny bite will hurt someone with a severe allergy. Because my daughter knows what happens to her when she partakes of “nutty” things, she steers clear of anything even resembling a nut.  And so we, too, should steer clear of sin- the things that are stumbling blocks in our walks with Christ.

So whoever knows the right thing to do and fails to do it, for him it is sin. James 1:17

Speaking of nuts we decided to go to Dunkin Donuts that day- a far too frequent treat of ours. I got my usual coffee and the girls get their donuts.

“We’re just having a nutty day, aren’t we?”  I tell the girls.

One of my daughters has a crush on a boy at school, and gives me frequent updates on what goes on at recess.  At times it sounds like a soap opera.  She knows she is not allowed to have a boyfriend, but I admit, listening to her talk about all the recess drama is quite entertaining.

“Momma- you know who are really nuts?  Boys. Really. They are just nuts.

“Momma, I guess that means I’m allergic to them, huh? she says with a sly smile.”

If only!

Oh, how I wish you were, my nutty girl.

Sometimes you feel like a nut…


15 thoughts on “Sometimes you feel like a nut

  1. What a cute post. All of it is so true. That we would not be such wanderers and completely avoid sin. The boy issue I’m hearing of now from a 9 year old grand daughter. I listen and chuckle because she hasn’t a clue. Im still her boy, as she says, for awhile longer. My oh my!!! 🙂


      • It must be the age. She has always said I will always be her boy. I’m not holding my breath. At some point some good looking strong guy will sweep her off her feet and I will be put out to pasture again until she is a little older. Lol. It happened with my girls now I’m their boy again too. The seasons of life are fun to look back on. Btw, another great grandson will be born in the next few hours. Wow!!!! 😀


      • How exciting!! Praying for your newest addition! It’s nice to know that your grown girls still think you’re their boy 🙂 My girls are “daddy’s girls” and adore him. I can’t even imagine them growing up and getting married…they are 11 and 9 and are so much fun right now. If only I could slow time down- just a little 🙂


  2. LOL what a fun post! I love it. And someday in Heaven we will never have to worry about sin again, oh I cannot wait for THAT DAY. Great story about your daughter, too. The acorns are dropping off the trees here, and so are the leaves. My cats like to chase them. HUGS.


  3. Enjoyed this post, Julie. Great analogy. How old are your girls? My “girl” got married a year and a half ago. One time I’m glad she didn’t avoid boys like an allergy. He’s a great guy, and they are both better for the union. God is good. The whole male/female relationship thing is one of my main prayer points for my children!


    • Thanks, Paula 🙂 My girls are 9 and 11. I am trying to savor every child-like moment because they are growing way too fast these days! Congrats on your new son-in-law! Praying for their future mates is definitely something I need to do more. Blessings to you!


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