Full circle


 Monday was the 1 year anniversary of starting this blog, and also my birthday. This past weekend was probably one of the most wonderful I’ve ever experienced, and so I’m left standing on a mountain top. For the first time in my life, things have come full circle.

All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be-Psalm 139:16 

After the first half of my awesome weekend , I had another wonderful experience. I was visiting my hometown, and felt led to go with a friend to her church.  You see, I don’t get the opportunity to visit other churches because of doing ministry in my own church.  So, it was a joy to be there- and it was as if God used everything in that service to minister to my spirit in a deep way. I cried when I saw my friend- just the excitement of seeing her for the first time in many years, and having the opportunity to worship with her was so wonderful!  As we sang, I realized that I actually knew the worship leader.  She was one of my very first piano and voice students! She even babysat my oldest daughter when she was an infant!  I cannot tell you what a joy it was to see how God was using her as she led worship.  She had the voice of an angel.  Simply wonderful to witness!  I hadn’t seen her in 10 years and my heart was overflowed with joy!

When my girls were babies, I felt like I was a failure for not following my dream and becoming a high school choir director. I had the degree to do it, but I knew that I wanted to be home with the girls… so I taught piano and voice lessons from my home.  I loved it, but I always knew I’d only do it for a season. I can’t tell you how many times I questioned whether I really made a difference in my student’s lives when I taught lessons. So, seeing this former student was truly a God incident- not a coincidence!  I truly felt that He was reaffirming that He was, in fact, the one in charge of my life- every little step of it!  Even down to the young girl that would babysit my daughter 10 years ago!

And that my “dream” of being a high school choral director was my dream- not necessarily His plan for me!   

And if that wasn’t enough, here’s another God-incident that morning- one of the people I hoped to see there was one of my former college professors. My friend informed me that she probably wouldn’t be there that day because the choir she directs was taking a break for the summer.  But sure enough, in the middle of the worship- led by my former student, my former teacher gets up from the far corner of the church to share a Word from God.  I would never have known she was there if God had not led her to share that morning!  I literally jumped over people to find her during the friendship time!

 I hadn’t seen her in probably 10 years!  When I went up to her, I asked her if she remembered me, and she said “Julie! You’re my daughter!” and she wrapped her arms around me. When I told her that I was a worship pastor now, we both shed joyful tears- and she prayed the most lovely prayer over me.  I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.  Every song that was sung, the message, the Spirit…was as if God had made a special appointment just for me right in that place.

God was bringing my life full circle.  He was in every little detail. No, I’m not a high school choir director, but I have the wonderful privilege of serving Him in my church and ministering through music, and through many other ways.  His plan for me has been more wonderful than my plan ever could be. It is awe inspiring to look back on all the little details of your life and see how He has been in it all.  Being in that church service- one that I almost didn’t go to- reaffirmed that I am exactly where He wants me.

When we say “yes” to God, we open the door for Him to do amazing things!

 I’m still standing on a mountain top- and the view is magnificent!

27 thoughts on “Full circle

  1. Firstly I would like to say Happy blog Anniversary and Happy Birthday. The second thing I would like to say is a comment. You said, His plan for me has been more wonderful than my plan ever could be. That statement really ministered to me. At a time where I am seeking God for direction about my life is brings me hope that His plan is far much better than my plan for my life. I don’t need to take the steering wheel. I just need to keep on trusting Him to guide my way!!! Thanks for that.



    • Thank you so much, Rolain! I love how God uses little things (like a blog post) to speak to us when we need it. As you continue to seek Him and His direction, I pray that He would clearly show you what it is He is calling you to do. He only shows us a step at a time, but with each step He gives us strength to take the next one…Blessings to you!


  2. What an absolutely beautiful post about God filling up your cup to overflowing this weekend! Thank you so much for sharing this testimony of His goodness. He sure loves you. “Hast thou not seen, how all thy longings have been, granted in what He ordaineth?” (old hymn words) Happy Birthday and Happy blogging anniversary!


  3. Julie!!! I love that new word “godincidence” … Fancy meeting you here!! What a godincidence!! … Wow! What an amazing godincidence!!!

    Happy birthday! Happy blogday! (that is a godincidence!)

    This post just makes me want to smile and smile. Thank you!! 🙂


    • I am still smiling! There are even more Godincidences that I didn’t put in here…it really does blow my mind. But should it? He is capable of far more than we can fathom. I am humbled to serve Him. Thanks for your comment 🙂


  4. Happy Birthday first Julie, and one year anniversary blogging. I enjoy your posts so much. And thanks for adding the follow by email widget. I shall hit it as soon as I post this. 🍰🍧


    • Thanks and thanks 🙂 When I started this blog a year ago, it was definitely a daunting task…I couldn’t figure out how to work my new computer, but I trusted that He would help me every step of the way. He has been faithful!! Thanks again for helping me with the widget thingamabob 🙂 Have a blessed day!


  5. Congratulations on one year of blogging, Julie! And happy birthday, too!

    What a wonderful weekend you’ve had. God has given you some perspective on the blessing your life has been to others and how your friends and teachers have blessed you.


  6. Oh…so many beautiful events in your life!!! Happy Happy Happy….to all of it, Julie. You give me the inspiration to keep my heart in the game and to know that God’s plan for us is real…and it is right… and it is perfect for us! Truly…best wishes for your milestones…and for your precious heart that always speaks with authenticity and love!!! Blessitude!


  7. Julie, happy birthday and happy anniversary to blogging. I found this post very inspirational. God is so good. I love it when we are able to reconnect with old friends. As a dear friend of mine said to me this week, ‘friends we make in church are friends for life’ and you experienced that over the weekend. Thanks for the encouraging and inspiring story!


    • Thank you, Shelly! It is amazing to see how God is working through all the little details in our lives… and especially wonderful to see so many of them at once! I am thankful to have renewed some friendships, and I am humbled to serve a magnificent, loving Father! Blessings to you!


  8. I am so sorry I saw this late. I hope your birthday was wonderful!! And happy blog anniversary to you!!!! Both you and your blog are great blessings! ❤


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