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It was good

on May 19, 2014


photo 1

Serenity and crashing sounds

upon the sand, the two are found

 fleeing  from busy-ness

I lay upon the sand to rest 

and simply be- no need to do

I worship at the sight of You

at the wonders of Your living sea- 

its sound brings peace, tranquility 

O God of wondrous delight

time with You makes all things right!

It seems as if time stands still when I am gazing out into the ocean.  I took this picture yesterday as I walked on the boardwalk at the beach.  The clouds looked as if the heavens were shining down, radiating off the ocean.  It was a most spectacular day!

My friend and I took a short trip to the ocean to get away and relax.  It was so beautiful, we could have stayed there all day…hours went by… and for the first time in ages, I did absolutely nothing.  I didn’t have my phone.  I didn’t think about things I needed to do when I got home, I didn’t do any planning, and did not have a single thought or worry on my mind. Zip.  Nada.  Nothing.  The sounds of the ocean quickly silenced every noise in my head, and I felt nothing but peace.

 I am realizing that I need to be more intentional about turning my brain “off”… and more intentional about just being in His presence.  Not looking for a message, or a song idea… not looking for what He will  teach me or do for me… but just simply spending time worshiping Him for who He is- my wonderful Creator!

For in him all things were created: things in heaven and on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or powers or rulers or authorities; all things have been created through him and for him.  Colossians 1:16

Then God said, “Let the waters below the heavens be gathered into one place, and let the dry land appear”; and it was so.  God called the dry land earth and the gathering of the waters He called the seas; and God saw that it was good. – Genesis 1:9-10

 photo 2


20 responses to “It was good

  1. Oh Julie… I love this! These words, this photo, most of all that you simply spent time in His presence and then shared that wonderful awesomeness.
    Bless you lady ~ for blessing us!


  2. kcg1974 says:

    This is absolutely beautiful, Julie. Thank you with many blessings.


  3. T says:

    beautiful post and a great message. a reminder that I need to do this more!


  4. I LOVE this! I feel the same when I bask in His presence–we SO need this reminder!


  5. paulfg says:

    Go Go Julie!! (and do nothing) 🙂

    Love this so much!


  6. These times are wonderful. We all need them often. I hope your week is a great one Julie:)


  7. vwoods1212 says:

    Oh my word, I wonder how I only now found your blog. Great blog and very pretty. vw


  8. lorriebowden says:

    Yes! I know that feeling and I also know when we have that quiet time…The song…The poem…The painting…The creation…they just come….they all come.
    I am so happy you had this time. Much love…Lorrie


  9. There is no time as special as my quiet time with the Lord, no matter the time of day…he always blesses me with a smile! Have a beautiful day!


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