He is Faithful


He is Faithful

He takes our time and endless demands

into His infinite goodness and limitless hands

turning our impossibilities

into His miraculous opportunities

to allow His work and Spirit to shine-

the glory is all His and none of it mine.

He is faithful.

I am humbled.

 One of my favorite devotional books is Streams in the Desert.  A line I once read from there has stuck with me-

Nothing blesses the one who prays as much as an offering of praise.- Streams in the Desert

Although our needs may be plenty, God is so much greater!  When we offer our praises to Him- through prayer or song, He has a remarkable way of changing the way we see things.  Our focus shifts from ourselves to Him… and He can take our struggles and things that seem impossible- and turn them into wonderful opportunities to show us His goodness.

There is so much to be thankful for today!  The coldest winter has finally given way to the warmth of springtime- and just in the nick of time for my girls to be out of school for Spring Break.  I walked outside yesterday to a symphony of birds singing- another sign that spring is here!   I praise Him for the sunshine.  I praise Him for making a way for the girls and I to have a last-minute lunch with my husband on his lunch break today.  There is always much to pray for- but the praises today are endless!

Here’s a song I wrote called “You Are Faithful”-

It is a song of praise- for His faithfulness and His goodness.

You are faithful, You are good.  You are awesome and magnificent and powerful. You are worthy of all praise and You are wonderful! You are the Prince of Peace and You are everything beautiful! You are faithful, You are good.

6 thoughts on “He is Faithful

  1. Julie!!! Beautiful photo, post and song. You are such an incredible blessing that God uses in my life. I am so thankful for you and the heart you share with us–Your heart for our precious Lord. Have a wonderful weekend, Dear Friend!!!


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