At the Cross


 In the softly falling snow

to the wondrous cross we go

blanketed in pure snow white

Glowing with His heavenly light

These crosses sit on top of the hill behind our church. It’s easy to miss them if you don’t know they’re there. They blend perfectly into the background of the trees. I have taken pictures of them before, but the pictures never compare to the real thing.  On this day, as I sat in the foyer of the church and watched the snow falling, I couldn’t get these crosses off my mind.  Without a coat, and wearing shoes with no socks- I felt compelled to go out in the snow to see them.

I think about all the times I felt Him calling me to the cross and I didn’t go.  Before I answered His ministry call, before I fully gave my life to Christ- I can remember sitting in church and desperately wanting to go to Him.  Wanting to go to the altar to pray.  But I was afraid.  Afraid of what others might think- and of what might happen if I went!

We come to the cross just as we are.  We don’t need our coats… or fancy clothes…or our lives to be in order.  We come just as we are-  and by His grace, He changes us.

I felt like a kid again that afternoon- feeling the snow falling on my face as I gazed up at the crosses on the hill.   Whenever He calls me to come- I will go.  Even if that means listening to His whispers to go out in the snow- without my coat- to meet Him at the cross.  And as beautiful as this cross picture is- nothing compares to the beauty of knowing Him and allowing yourself to be clay in His hands. I am forever changed by His amazing grace.

Just As I Am/I Come Broken by Travis Cottrell

I come broken to be mended
I come wounded to be healed
I come desperate to be rescued
I come empty to be filled
I come guilty to be pardoned
By the blood of Christ the Lamb
And I’m welcomed with open arms
Praise God, just as I am

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