A Love Note- Hair today, gone tomorrow

I shed.

A lot.

One day I was standing in the shower, and noticed a wad of hair stuck to the shower wall.   Except that it was not just a normal wad of hair… it strangely resembled the letters EWW.

“Did you see the note I left for you?”  my husband asked me later that morning.

“Yes, yes I did.” I realized that my husband did, in fact, leave me a “hair” note in the shower.

And so the next day, I left him my own little note-

I  (heart) U

Why yes, we have taken to leaving notes in the shower with my hair.

This has continued on and off for many months now.  I admit that when I see my hair stuck to the wall, I can’t help giggling thinking about what to spell with it!

I decide today to leave him a “selfie”.  No, that is not Marge Simpson in that picture below.  It is a self portrait of me- made with love for my husband on our shower wall.   I watched my husband go towards the bathroom and I told him that I left him a note.  He did not disappoint.  I think the whole house shook with his gregarious laughter.

And like a flower quickly fading, my hair portrait is hair today and gone tomorrow.

Image 1

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