In the “Waiting Room”


One Christmas, a wise cousin of mine shared something with my oldest daughter.  Katie was going to be turning the magical age of 8 in a few short months- the long awaited age we told her she could possibly get her first American Girl doll.  On that Christmas Day, she confessed that she couldn’t bear to wait 3 more months for this beloved doll!   My cousin told her that she was in the “waiting room” and that this was a very special time- a time of anticipation!  This was a time to dream and imagine what it will actually feel like to hold that long awaited American Girl doll!

Waiting for something is just no fun!  We want something we can’t afford- no problem!  We can just “charge it”!  We look for something in a store we need and they don’t have it-no problem!   We’ll just hit a few buttons on the computer and have it shipped directly to our front door!    I’m preaching to myself because I am the worst about waiting for something!  I can’t even make an appointment for a haircut because when I finally decide to have it cut, I want it done that day… how sad is that?!  I even found myself thinking my Keurig wasn’t making coffee fast enough this morning!

It’s even harder to wait on the Lord…

I remain confident of this:  I will see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.  Wait for the Lord;  be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. – Psalm 27

Waiting is so difficult.  It feels like.. I.. am… slowlyyyy…. melting… away…

He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.  John 3:30

More of Him and less of me.  In times of waiting, I find myself drawing closer to Him.  I a learning to wait- not in frustration, but in complete surrender and anticipation!  As I bring my requests before the Lord, I know His will is to be done in His timing, and I thank Him for whatever that will be…

I took this to heart today as I waited in an actual doctor’s office waiting room-with my girls in tow.  A perfect storm for frustration.  But something different happened today.  I gave them clear expectations before we got there and explained that I was not feeling well.   I would normally play out all the scenarios of disaster in my head before we would even set foot in the doctor’s office… whining, fighting, complaining.which would lead to me feeling frustrated and weary…But not today!   Ain’t no time for that today!  The Lord took those thoughts from me and filled me with sweet anticipation!  We sat in the waiting room for quite some time, and the girls quietly played together.  Not a single fight.  A small miracle, I’d say!

I count my blessings as I worship Him in the many “waiting rooms”.  I thank Him for who He is, for what He does, and for the amazing things He will do!  I thank Him for the small things- like having a peaceful time in the “waiting room” at the doctor’s office with my girls, and for doctors who can help us feel better.  And I do my favorite thing while I’m in the waiting room- sing!

Lord, thank you for being my Father and for knowing me better than I know myself.  Thank you for all the wonderful ways You show that You love me.  Thank you for Your Word and for allowing me to see all of Your goodness in the land of the living!  

Here’s one of many songs I’ve written about being in a “waiting room”…

Father To Us All

Lord, take my hand and lift me up again.

Lord, help me stand on Your solid word again.

I’m listening to You, for I know Your way is true

I’m giving all myself away, in Your holy name I pray…

And I reach for You-

And You take my hand and lead me through.

You calm all my fears

And You dry up all my worried tears.

Just to be still and know that You are always in control

You are Father to us all, and You hear us when we call.

Help me believe and take a step of faith

I need Your grace with each move I make

My hope’s in You alone

For You are my life and song

I’m giving all myself away

In Your holy name I pray…

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