Children of Light


Photo on 8-30-13 at 12.14 PM


Live as children of light – Ephesians 5:8

Yesterday evening, I had everything set up perfectly- the lighting was just right, my laptop was carefully placed atop two boxes stacked on our barstool from the kitchen.  The dog was quiet, the girls were engrossed in homework- or so I thought!   I had planned everything to the “T” and sat down to record  a song…

About halfway through the song, Sophie surprised me and decided to join me.  She smiled and waved as I played.  And my first thought was to reprimand her for not listening, for not staying in her room and for “ruining” the video.  But as I saw the light in her eyes, I immediately realized that moments like these are not things we “plan”, and sometimes we can plan so much that we miss those God moments and what He is teaching us…. and her light shines so bright, that I couldn’t stop myself from smiling and thanking the Lord for her contagious joy as she sang along with me.

The song is called “Dancing With Jesus” and I wrote it this past spring.  It is about a time of worship- a vision of Jesus and I, dancing in a garden, rejoicing together over answered prayers.  As I was singing last night, Sophie reminds me that worship is spontaneous and not something that has to be “planned”.  It’s not about having everything perfect.  It is about being aware of His presence all the time.   Sometimes I get so fixated on the details that I miss the bigger picture.

Happy 8th Birthday, Soph, and thanks for shinning your bright light and worshiping with me last night!

And David danced before the Lord with all his might. 2 Samuel 6:14

Dancing with Jesus

It’s a new day
I’m singing your praises
thankful and grateful for all that you are
Driving around
sun shining down
and I see a vision of
you and me
Your presence is real
I’m moved in my soul
I grab your hands
as we sway to and fro
I’m dancing with Jesus
Singing, rejoicing,
and worshipping him
I’m dancing with Jesus
I rest in your arms and I know
You are with me wherever I go…
A moment it was
frozen in time
a glimmer of heaven
and what it might be
Amazing and sweet
feeling complete
I surrender all that I am
at your feet..
How sweet it will be
when Your face, I see
when I get to heaven
and dance with you there
Forever more
and always I’m Yours
In your presence I will
forever adore…. you


6 thoughts on “Children of Light

  1. This is beautiful! I have to say you have one special little girl there and I literally could not stop smiling and giggling at Sophie’s reaction. Happy early birthday to Sophie! I love you guys and I love reading your blog! It sure does help on those days I need a faith pick me up!


  2. Julie–tell Sophie have a wonderful birthday. Great to see her God given spirit shine! You need to grab all of the precious moments in life. Hold them in your heart. The sing is beautiful.


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