What color are His eyes?


I am a little nostalgic today as I realize that in just a few short days the girls will be back in school.  Bittersweet, I tell you.  It has gone by fast!  I am amazed at what my girls have taught me each day.  As we were driving to meet their teachers for the new school year, my youngest asks me a random question- “What color are his eyes?”

I asked her who she was talking about.  Pretty random thing to ask, I thought.  She said “umm… Jesus?”  Like “duh, did you really have to ask that question?!”  You know how totally lame us parents can be at times! This is the same daughter who wears mix-matched things each day and said to me one day “Mom,  you don’t KNOW fashion like I do!”  Oh, to have that kind of confidence and charisma!

Back to her question… I said “Well, I don’t really know what color His eyes are.”  I have never really thought about what color his eyes would be.  I think they would be warm and twinkling-  teary from the love and empathy He would feel for everyone.  I think they would be piercing- looking into the depths of our souls… perhaps they would shimmer like a prism.  And those thoughts reminded me of something she asked me a long time ago.

I was putting the girls to bed one night, and out of the blue, she asked me what God looked like.  I thought about it for a moment, and then I told her that He is in everything.  I see God when I look into her eyes and know that He made her.  Both of my girls have amazingly blue eyes.  I see Him in the beautiful sunsets.    He made everything and everything comes from Him.  And I told her that God is everywhere and that He is love.

But anyone who does not love does not know God, for God is love.  1 John 4:8

That night, I tucked her in and immediately sat down at the piano and wrote a song.   I thank God for His many blessings and the gift of capturing these  precious memories and putting them to music!

You can hear it here-

He Is Everywhere

One day she asked me, “Momma, what does God look like?”

I said, “Honey, He is everywhere, His love is all around us.”

And He is everywhere, He is everywhere, 

He is everywhere, His love is all around us. 

I see Him when I look into your 

beautiful blue eyes.

And I see Him when He paints the sunset

across the skies.

And He is everywhere, He is everywhere,

He is everywhere, His love is all around us. 

I told her God is there to comfort 

and catch us when we fall.

And God sent His Son to save us

and show us He loves us all.

And He is everywhere, He is everywhere,

He is everywhere- because God is love!



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