Grace Like Rain

I love the rain.  I love the sound, the feel, the smell, the mood it evokes.  It is elegant and musical.  Rain seems to have a personality all its own.   My love affair with rain began when I was a little girl.

I never felt like I “fit in” as a child.  I was tall, terribly shy, and overweight.  Most days I didn’t feel like I had a friend in the world.  As a child, I often felt like I was looking through my windows watching all the other kids play and have fun.  It wasn’t any fun feeling left out.  So, when it rained, it brought me a little bit of happiness… because EVERY OTHER KID was sitting inside their house wanting to be outside.   As a child, when it rained, I felt like I finally “fit in” with everyone else.  We were all miserable!

I still love the rain- but for very different reasons.  It makes things new- gives new life to plants and makes every growing thing just a little greener.  Green is also my favorite color, in case you didn’t know… Our cable satellite dish always seems goes out when it rains and it conveniently happens when our favorite shows come on, but it beckons me to take a “time out” from TV and snuggle up on the couch and read with my girls, or play with our beloved dog, Remy…My favorite thing to do when it rains is to sit at my piano and sing and play worship songs.  Rain brings a certain spontaneity and creativity that I adore!

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.”– 2 Corinthians

You see, God has the power to change us.  I am a new creation because I am His!  He continues to transform me inside and out- and He has changed the way I feel about rain.   I am no longer that child looking through the window, praying for rain to make me feel whole.  Now, I can praise Him for each drop of rain that comes down, for it is by His grace that He makes me whole!  I see the rain fall and I am reminded of the grace that flows down on us each day.  I am reminded of the old me and how far He has brought me.  I am thankful and grateful for all that He is, and all that He has done for me.



5 thoughts on “Grace Like Rain

    • Julie you have a beautiful gift with words. This speaks to the center of my heart and I relate in so many ways. Your song melts my heart and I feel the same desperation your song talks about. Now I can remind myself as your song does that he cares!


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